Image by Jon Tyson

You may know about God and your faith, but do you have a personal friendship with Jesus? With Father God? The Holy Spirit? What about Mary and St. Joseph? Do you struggle with your emotions, or get stuck in a pattern of sin over and over again? 

You may have heard that a personal relationship with Jesus will help you.  What does that relationship look like?

When we have a real friendship with Jesus, we feel comfortable coming to Him just as we are. We talk to Him and listen to Him. We ask Him what to do and try to follow His directions. We feel His love, mercy and power inside of us. We run to Him instead of away from Him when we have sinned. 

Have you ever wondered: How do I get more of that friendship with Jesus? How do I break my patterns of sin? The Souls on Fire way of life may be the answer.

We follow seven steps based on the Ten Commandments. Our program guidebook, Souls on Fire, explains the steps. This book is for anyone seven and older.  Souls on Fire Jr. is our guidebook for kids between five and seven.  To learn about the steps, please contact us for an electronic copy of the book. 



Souls on Fire is based on three key cornerstones. Whether we know it or not, we are in a spiritual battle. We need the right armor and the right weapons to win! We embrace discipline, teamwork and service.



We start where we are. We pray. We learn to pause. We give kindness to the struggling parts of our souls.  Every day, we wake up and we keep trying to follow the Lord's difficult commandments.  We follow a structured set of steps which cultivate discipline and responsibility. We receive the Eucharist and go to Reconciliation as often as possible. We set goals. When we cause harm, we make amends.



We recognize we can't do this alone! We follow the guidance of our Holy Helper, who teaches us the action steps. Members of the Souls on Fire team help one another through encouragement, prayer, support and accountability. We join together for a weekly meeting. We learn to be vulnerable and share our struggles with our Holy Helper and others on the team.

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We focus on what we can give to the people around us, rather than what we can get from them. We serve others through prayer and acts of kindness on a daily basis.  We look for ways to share Souls on Fire with others. Once we have learned the steps and are practicing them, we become Holy Helpers to others. We serve within Souls on Fire by leading meetings and helping with new projects.