Do you think you want to join the Souls on Fire Team? Then the next step is to read the Souls on Fire book, which is required before moving forward.  Once you fully understand the steps and the program commitments, you have the option to become a disciple. We are always excited to welcome new disciples to the team! 

Not interested in joining the team just yet? Please consider praying for us!

In the future, donations will be accepted to cover the cost of the website, and potentially to do service projects and retreats.



Experience the Change

As a disciple, you will need a Holy Helper to guide you through the steps. All team members have a Holy Helper and meet weekly with him/her on an ongoing basis. Disciples & Holy Helpers also attend the weekly Souls on Fire Team Meeting (see events page).  We encourage entire families to consider discipleship; especially parents who have a child involved in Souls on Fire.



Show Your Support

You can pray regularly for the success and growth of Souls on Fire and for our team members. We love prayers for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and especially appreciate prayers from parents who have a child involved in Souls on Fire.  You can also join us for a virtual Divine Mercy Chaplet, led by young people, on Friday afternoons. This is open to anyone interested. Please contact us for details on how to attend.

Make a donation


Help us Grow (coming soon)

It does not cost anything to join the Souls on Fire team. This ministry is still in the early phases of development, and the Holy Spirit is moving in us regularly with new ideas! In the future, we hope to offer retreats, develop team service projects and more. We will look to donors to help support these projects as the ministry evolves.